The OTS Advantage

OTS sees itself as a value add partner in your business. Our exceptional safety culture, capital efficiency and expertise form an integral part of the OTS Advantage.

OTS Values

Innovation through the pursuance and development of new creative tools and continual improvement of products/services.
Safety Culture is our commitment and it’s for life. OTS practices safety without compromise.
Respect for others, valuing diversity and unique perspectives accompanied by high standards.
Team Success is a value-add collaboration and we have a proven demonstrated track record.
Adaptability to adjust to changes on the job and in the workplace while maintaining effectiveness defines the OTS Advantage.
Community Investment is the OTS Advantage of promoting strong vibrant communities and sustained growth.

Safety - It’s for Life

We are proud and passionate about what we do. OTS practices and believes in safety without compromise. Safety is never an option; it is a commitment and it’s for life.