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At OTS, we are proud of our reputation and performance in providing the right combination of expertise and innovation to create customized solutions for our clients.

OTS has a proven track record of delivering quality safely and efficiently. We believe that having the right team with the right skills is what makes us the right choice. OTS is fully committed to you as a customer and a partner and we value your business.

Service Continumn - Commissioning & Startup, Operations & Maintenance​​OTS Service Continuum ~ A natural progression in our partnership with clients

Working to understand the full range of possible needs required by each client, OTS offers a full service continuum based on years of experience. Creating leading edge technology tools and processes, OTS is truly a value add partner. We are proud of our performance. We don’t just do it...we do it better. That is the OTS Advantage.


Community Investment

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Safety - It’s for Life

We are proud and passionate about what we do. OTS practices and believes in safety without compromise. Safety is never an option; it is a commitment and it’s for life.